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The Baba Castle Aya Land location of cherry tree: 〒 860-0008 Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi outworks of a castle first 1-1 telephone: (096)288-5600

 yunikubenyu castle Aya Land reception

yunikubenyu castle Aya Land attraction

 In home territory of Kumamoto-jo Castle, you can enjoy special product and local cuisine of each place in Kumamoto. Hydrophilic space in the center in garden is available as main venue and attraction announcement stage. In addition, there is multipurpose interchange room attached to break lobby or waiting room and can use by wide uses such as meeting or lecture only as social gathering venue. You can enjoy seasonal scenery including gingko nut in cherry tree, autumn in spring while feeling Kumamoto-jo Castle to be right beside.

yunikubenyu castle Aya Land go 

suizenjinarishuenshozaiji: 〒 862-0956 Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi Park 8-1 telephone: (096)383-0074

yunikubenyu Suizenji

 It is Momoyama expression excursion garden built as Ochiyaya of the Kumamoto feudal lord Hosokawas. We can hold not only traditional arts but also events such as JAZZ lives in Noh lords in garden.How about social gathering the outdoors while enjoying seasonal beautiful view in garden which imitated fifty-three stages of the Tokaido using underflow water of abundant Aso?

yunikubenyu Suizenji accomplishment garden  


We are waiting for various consultation of use of yunikubenyu in Kumamoto-shi.

(general incorporated foundation) Association of Kumamoto International Tourist convention business promotion section convention invitation group

〒The third floor of 860-0804 8-23, Karashimacho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi Sakura Building Karashimacho telephone: (096)359-1788 E-mail:

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