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Trade fair, exhibition holding furtherance system (a maximum of 300,000 yen)

[targeted for the furtherance]   

Trade fairs for grant meet the following requirements.
1.That being all for a total of 50 hotel guests in Kumamoto-shi of sponsor, exhibitor and the person concerned.
2.More than Kyushu scale.
3.Trade fair more than use of venue 300 square meters in area more than seven outside the prefecture exhibition company.
4.Exhibition can anticipate holding, total of more than 10000 pulling in customers more than use of venue 500 square meters in area more than two days.
5.There are not the held results in the past 3 years in Kumamoto city limits.
6.Sale space is a one-tenth or less of the use of venue area of the trade fairs.

[furtherance amount of money]

To less than a half and 300,000 yen of held expense.
※Company cannot apply for application such as similar trade fairs several times. In addition, we receive the furtherance within same year degree even if it is trade fair of another kind

 The number of times to be kicked assumes once limit.

※Number of copy of price receipt and the hotel guests certificate is necessary in venue debt at the time of completion report.

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