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Convention holding furtherance system (a maximum of 1 million yen)

[targeted for the furtherance] More than Kyushu meeting and participant from outside the prefecture and hotel guest all more than 30 conventions in Kumamoto-shi. (academic conference, seminar, symposium, meeting)

[furtherance amount of money] It is decided by examination of our association by meeting scale, contents.

※ Thing only for the employees (we include group companies) or various competitions, contests, alumni associations do not become a target of the furtherance one company.

※ The amount of furtherance sets a ceiling of 20% of held expense total sum.

※ When there is special reason for invitation competition with other cities, there is special addition system of a maximum of 1 million yen separately.

 ※ Number of the hotel guests certificate which the accommodations issue at the time of completion report or participant list is necessary.


Folk art announcement furtherance system (a maximum of 50,000 yen)

[targeted for the furtherance] Social gathering, reception at international meeting, national conventions more than 100 number of outside the prefecture participants, West Japan meeting

We show folk art in equal de Kumamoto.

[furtherance amount of money] Expense (ceiling 50,000 yen) required for folk art announcement

Copy of receipt from announcement group is necessary.


Bus service furtherance system (a maximum of 300,000 yen)

[targeted for the furtherance] Pair of convention holding furtherance system of our association or sports convention holding furtherance system

Venue (social gathering with more than of participant in convention to become elephant more than 300 people and two places

Or they inspect and receive training and travel in venue) interval to include, and excursions travel as transportation of trip

We let you do.

[furtherance amount of money] 1/2 of reduction of salary expense of bus.

Copy of receipt from motor carrier is necessary.

Convention invitation activity furtherance system (a maximum of 300,000 yen)

[targeted for the furtherance] We meet all the following requirements.

・We invite main venue as Kumamoto-shi and outskirts area. 

Convention holding furtherance system of our association or sports convention kaisaijo

We become a target of nariseido.

・There is run-up before meeting holding more than 12 months.

[furtherance amount of money] We assume within 1/2 of invitation activity expense (the travel expenses, the hotel charges) and set a ceiling of the following amount of money.

Meeting scale


The whole country

The number of the participants

More than 100 people

It is less than 3,000 more than 1,000 people

It is less than 5,000 more than 3,000 people

More than 5,000 people

Furtherance amount of money

250,000 yen

150,000 yen

200,000 yen

300,000 yen

※Copy of receipt of expense targeted for the furtherance is necessary.

Convention holding secretariate employment expense furtherance system (a maximum of 180,000 yen)

[targeted for the furtherance] Support of convention holding furtherance system of our association or sports convention holding furtherance system

Employment expense of the staff working full time for preparations, holding of target convention applies.

(we employ after the holding newly more than ten days during one month from two months before holding)

[furtherance amount of money] Amount of money of 1/2 of in range of 1/2 of held grant and payment wage

※Copy of attendance book and copy of documents proving salary payment are necessary.


Convention held preparations fund loan system (for a maximum of 3 million yen in no interest loan)

[targeted for loan] There are public interest characteristics without being aimed for profit in convention held in higher than Kyushu meeting scale, 6

There are run-ups more than in month.

[return condition] We pay back the loan amount of money total amount collectively within one month after the convention end for less than two years during loan period.

[loan amount of money] Less than 10% of held general budget of convention.

Two joint sureties are necessary.

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