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Convention news 2018 spring issue cover
Convention news 2017 autumn issue
Convention news 2017Spring 
Convention news 2016Autumn  Attachment Convention news 2016Autumn With new window(PDF: 5.85 megabytes)
Convention news 2016spring  Attachment Convention news 2016spring With new window(PDF: 3.49 megabytes)


Convention news 2015Autumn  Attachment Convention news 2015Autumn With new window(PDF: 5.53 megabytes)
 Convention news 2015spring Attachment Convention news 2015spring With new window(PDF: 4.3 megabytes)


Convention news 2014Autumn  Attachment Convention news 2014Autumn With new window(PDF: 4.25 megabytes)
Convention news Attachment Convention news 2014Spring With new window(PDF: 17 megabytes)


 2013Autumn photograph  Attachment Convention news 2013Autumn With new window(PDF: 18.2 megabytes)
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