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Privacy Policy

Main meeting recognizes importance of personal information and it is basic of operation to plan thorough protection and is thinking that it is social duty. Therefore we establish the following privacy policies and will carry out approach of appropriate and safe management.

  1. Observance main meeting of laws and ordinances and rules about personal information protection observes laws and ordinances or other models about personal information and deals with personal information appropriately.

  2. The acquisition of personal information
    When main meeting acquires personal information, we make use purpose clear and, by appropriate and fair means, acquire personal information.

  3. The use of personal information
    We use main meeting in accomplishment of duties within the use purpose that showed personal information in the case of the acquisition as far as it is necessary. In addition, when, based on agreement of the person, entrust with the handling of personal information outside to accomplish duties, about trust personal information leak is appropriate not to provide again; supervise.

  4. Third party offer of personal information
    Main meeting does not provide personal information to third party unless we fix for laws and ordinances without with consent of the person beforehand.

  5. Management of personal information
    We keep accuracy of personal information and manage main meeting safely and carry out safety measures of level that is appropriate and rational for danger such as unauthorized access to personal information or loss, manipulation, leak.

  6. Disclosure, correction, suspension, removal of personal information
    The person confirms that we have right to demand disclosure, correction, suspension, removal about personal information of self, and main meeting copes immediately when there is these proposal.

  7. Organization, the system
    Main meeting lectures on appropriate regime to protect personal information and tries for consciousness enlightenment about personal information protection for officer and the staff.

  8. Development, conduct of personal information protection official regulations
    We establish appropriate "personal information protection official regulations" to also manage safely, and, also, we review structure about personal information protection management continuously as needed, and main meeting will improve personal information.
    Association of Kumamoto International Tourist convention
    Representative director Ryoji Yoshimaru

◇Reference about privacy policy◇
Association of Kumamoto International Tourist convention telephone 096-359-1788

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