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Association summary


We quench town and build the future.
 Increase of interchange population from home and abroad brings economic ripple effect to various fields and lets regional economy activate.
 We quench town, and we want to build the future by having we are alone, and many people visit Kumamoto-shi by invitations of tourist who utilized tourist attractions around held promotion and Kumamoto-jo Castle of conventions such as society or athletic meet that many people gather for all members.


Association summary


 Association of Kumamoto International Tourist convention

 Kumamoto International Convention and Tourism Bureau


 The third floor of 8-23, Karashimacho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi Sakura Building Karashimacho


 It is intended that we contribute to increase of improvement of activation of local industry economy and culture and international mutual understanding by utilizing resources such as Kumamoto-shi and neighboring local industry, techniques and culture, the history, and planning promotion of convention and sightseeing.


 1,016,200,000 yen (Kumamoto-shi 500 million yen, Kumamoto 200 million yen, other companies, groups 316,200,000 yen)

[supporting member]

 Membership 319 (as of October 1, 2017) including group, company



Kumamoto-shi tourist association establishment


We dissolve Kumamoto-shi tourist association progressively and establish association of Kumamoto International Tourist convention


We change name to association of Kumamoto International Tourist convention


We change name to association of Kumamoto International Tourist convention

Sightseeing promotion

◆Tourist invitation
 By holding of sales activity and sightseeing briefing session for travel agency of domestic major cities, we provide tourist facility and gourmet event information including Kumamoto-jo Castle and promote trip product creation to Kumamoto and we aim at increase of the number of the hotel guests from outside the prefecture and are active.

◆Education trip invitation
 We sell education material about the history, culture of Kumamoto-shi around Kumamoto-jo Castle and promote education trip invitation to Kumamoto.

◆Various information dispatch
 We dispatch "sightseeing in Kumamoto goodwill ambassador" in event out of the prefecture and we see the sights and publicize.
 In addition, we send sightseeing information of Kumamoto widely by making various tourist brochures, and distributing at tourist information centers.


◆Administration of tourist information center
 For tourist visiting Kumamoto in tourist information center of JR Kumamoto Station and Baba Castle Aya Land of cherry tree,
 We offer consultation about sightseeing and guidance, brochure.

◆Sightseeing volunteer guide
 Is stationed in "Baba Castle Aya Land synthesis tourist information center of cherry tree", general tourist or school excursion life
 We perform guidance that we intended for and try for improvement of hospitality. 

◆Administration of town walk, experience-based program
 We walk town of Kumamoto where local volunteer guide leads charm of Kumamoto whom we can discover to simply because we walk and are guided tour.
 [we wait for Kumamoto and bloom guide]
 Charm of "person" of Kumamoto and new trip to mention person, life of Kumamoto by experience-based program that spotlighted "experience"
 We introduce.

MICE promotion

Compensation, training trip (Incentive Travel), international conference and national-scale meeting that meeting (Meeting), companies such as ... companies perform with MICE,
        Framework of new pulling in customers measure that contained (Convention) such as societies, exhibition, trade fair, various event (Event/Exhibition).

 ◆MICE invitation
 In our association, we invite in cooperation with the local acceptance main constituent (various groups of arts and sciences, organization, sports) with influence in MICE invitation and are active and perform effective support to MICE invitation group and aim at convention city chosen from home and abroad and develop business for realization of MICE holding in Kumamoto-shi.

◆MICE held support
 In addition to financial support such as various furtherance systems corresponding to various MICE held in Kumamoto-shi, as for the sponsor including notice of welcome sticker to taxi which, besides, goes around the city setting of welcome signboard which is main in meeting venue, convention bag, material support to provide a lot of guidebooks and rental of welcome flag, two-pole banner, hospitality support to participant is enriched from the start, too.
 In addition, each furtherance support system plans common knowledge by holding of briefing session and wrestles for construction of assistance measures along needs of sponsor.

Profit business

◆Administration of stand
  [animals and plants garden stand]
  In the Kumamoto-shi animals and plants garden, we sell product to needs of customer to main with product about animal.
[Kumamoto-jo Castle outworks of a castle for free rest station]
  We establish Kumamoto-jo Castle in one angle of outworks of a castle parking lot east side as place of break of customer who was able to come for visit.
  We post model and photograph panel of Kumamoto-jo Castle and install collecting box of Kumamoto-jo Castle disaster restoration support, fine castle stamp.

◆Sale of original goods
  In making, and selling original products such as sightseeing business card, polo shirt of development and Kumamoto of Kumamoto-jo Castle revival support goods,
  We plan improvement of profit and try for sightseeing PR of Kumamoto.

We contribute a part of the profit provided by profit business to "Kumamoto-jo Castle disaster restoration support gold".

 Organizational chart (as of October 1, 2017)                                  
                                        As of October 1, 2017

Tourist information center

◆Baba Castle Aya Land synthesis tourist information center of cherry tree

[address] Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi outworks of a castle 1-1-3 
    (Baba Castle Aya Land of cherry tree)
Phone number 096-322-5060
[business hours] From 9:00 to 17:30     

[holiday] From 30 to 31 on December

◆Kumamoto Station synthesis tourist information center
[address] 3-15-30, Kasuga, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto-shi

    (the JR Kumamoto Station yard)

Phone number 096-327-9500
[business hours] From 8:00 to 19:00
[holiday] Year round


Stand, free rest station

◆Animals and plants garden stand

Animals and plants garden stand was closed down with Kumamoto earthquake in 2016, but we do business and reopen only Saturday and Sunday, celebration from February 25, 2017.

[address] kumahonshihigashikukengun 5-14-2
[business hours] From 9:00 to 16:30
[holiday] Weekday ※Only Saturday and Sunday, celebration is open (for the time being)


◆Kumamoto-jo Castle outworks of a castle for free rest station

[address] Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi outworks of a castle 2-3

    (the outworks of a castle parking hall)

Phone number 096-321-6150

[business hours] From 9:00 to 17:00    

[holiday] We do business for the year-end and New Year holidays
※We become sales people until from 7:00 to 16:00 only on New Year's Day

Under recruitment of supporting members

Our association is association for the purpose of activation of regional economy, improvement of sightseeing culture by inviting various sightseeing, conventions, and supporting. It recruits people supporting promotion of sightseeing, convention.

There are various merits to member.

[fee] One share a year of 20,000 yen (more than a mouthful) 

For more information, look here.



Association of Kumamoto International Tourist convention
〒860-0804 8-23, Karashimacho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi

                                    The third floor of Sakura Building Karashimacho

TEL 096-359-1788 FAX 096-359-8520

※It is a 2-minute walk from Karashimacho streetcar stop from traffic center in a 3-minute walk



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