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How to use layar introduction

Sightseeing in Kumamoto smartphone AR application

Using application "layar for exclusive use of smartphone," we send local sightseeing information to be able to find gourmet spot, tourist attraction information of Kumamoto easily when we came to Kumamoto to play. You lose your way in the middle of sightseeing, and please use convenient navigation application as help tool when you were troubled with search for destination.


   AR main image
Neighboring information displays when we shade scenery with camera

We appear on the camera shooting picture and, based on information of latitude longitude, display information around the present location. We can display information in direction where we pointed camera to to use GPS and electronic compasses which smartphone terminal has built-in.

AR view: We display information in direction where we shaded with camera as icon.

Map view: We display information around the present location on the map.

AR spot information

It is technique to repeat information that computer created in scenery projected using smartphones by real environment, and to let you display.

We can experience various augmented reality by installing exclusive AR application "layar" of smartphone.

※Available smartphone: iPhone (more than iOS5.1), Android (more than ver2.2), Black Berry, Symbian
※Layar B.V. company develops, and "Layar" is application that is released free.
※"Layar" and "Layar logo" are registered trademarks of Layar B.V.

      Explanation image

AR (augmented reality)?

Firstly it is downloaded -layar ―

(1) At first you read QR code with smartphone you have, and please download "layar".

QRcode(Android) QRcode(iphone)
※Please download one that cannot read QR code than the following.
We download Android version (outside site)
※Please download one that cannot read QR code than the following.
We download iPhone version (outside site)

(2) As home screen can play the icon when we download, please tap it.

layar logo

※It is necessary to have positional information service remain in effect before the use.
■As for the detailed usage of "layar", please see this HP.
  iPhone (outside site)
  Android (outside site)

Procedure of how to use

Scan screen comes out when we start procedure 1 "layar".

It is displayed upper part niga1 of scan screen. At first we tap this.

Then please tap location button as2 the following screen is displayed.

Procedure 1

Menu comes out when we tap procedure 2 location.

Please tap "free word" button.

Procedure 2

We search "Kumamoto City navigator" than search keyword frame in the upper procedure 3 screen.

You choose searched "Kumamoto City navigator", and please start.

Procedure 3

Information is displayed when we tap procedure 4 icon.

      Procedure 4

About icon

Meal betemiranne
Meal betemirannne!
Product ttemiranne
Product ttemiranne!
Play ndemiranne
Play ndemiranne!
See; and bun itemiranne
See; and bun itemiranne!
Hotel, inn
Hotel, inn
Convention facility
Convention facility
Tourist facility
Tourist facility
Japanese dishes
Japanese dishes
Western dishes & restaurant
Western dishes & restaurant
Bar & club
Bar& club
Chinese & ramen
Chinese & ramen
Local cuisine
Local cuisine
※Image is image.
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