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de*kigyo, supporting member

All one case
Under ... "supporting member" offer! ...
  • (general incorporated foundation) About recruitment of association of Kumamoto International Tourist convention supporting members
  • Our association is association for the purpose of activation of regional economy, improvement of sightseeing culture by inviting various sightseeing, conventions, and supporting. It recruits people supporting promotion of convention.

    [fee] From annual sum one share 20,000 yen (unnecessaries such as enrollment fee)
         We can handle fee as expense or loss of money in tax practice.
         When it is enrolled after September, sum of fee becomes a half sum only for the year when we enrolled.
    [enrollment merit]
    ... convention relations ...
    ・In various meetings and meetings held in Kumamoto-shi, we distribute brochure of introduction publication of member to participants. (only in the restaurant)
    ・Inspection in after convention drop in, and, as place, take first priority, and guide.
    ・You can see member annual convention holding calendar (conferencing information) quickly.
    (by supporting member ID, password, we can read the latest information in our site)
    ・In holding of large-scale convention, product sales in venue are enabled. (only when there is hope of sponsor)
    ... sightseeing advertising relations ...
    ・If there is request, we distribute tourist brochure poster, DVD with precedence.
    ・Including metropolitan area, we perform information dispatch to travel agencies such as Nagoya, Kansai, Hiroshima, Fukuoka with precedence.
    ・We give information as coverage point of media coverage (magazine, TV). Publication costs for free!
    ・Product sales by event and campaign to perform in each place are enabled.

    ... others ...
    ・Issuance of "navigating horse or thing" that we published only restaurant of member. (we plan 50,000 copies a year)
     We distribute in the information desk (2 points), hotel, sightseeing in Kumamoto-shi policy section, convention site.
    ・We give priority to inn, hotel of member and, for tourists, introduce.
    ・We place your information in "sightseeing in Kumamoto convention news" that our association issues (about a mouthful 1 store).
    ・We place your information in supporting member list of our association site. (link charge account of HP is possible.)
    ・We perform duties ordering of our association to member with precedence.
    ・Mediation of sale of product in association of convention is enabled.
    ・We do e-mail magazine delivery and will tell member about information about sightseeing quickly regularly.
    ・You can participate in new business exchange meeting of members only. 

    [enrollment method]
    You fill in matter necessary for "supporting member membership application form", and please submit to association. About fee, please pay annual convention costs to designated bank account in transfer or cash.

    ... reference ... 
    8-23, Karashimacho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi Sakura Building Karashimacho 3F
    Association of Kumamoto International Tourist convention
    TEL 096-359-1788
    FAX 096-359-8520
    Charge Sonoyama, Noguchi