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Let's go to see top athlete! ★Stamp rally simultaneous holding★

The last update date [July 12, 2018]

In August, camp of all-Japan female wrestling representative from Japan and 2019 girl handball world championship pre-match are held in Kumamoto. With it, stamp rally is held at the same time in from Tuesday, July 17 to Sunday, September 2, too! Other than tourist facility in Kumamoto-shi, stamp is installed in wrestling camp venue and handball game venue for a limited time for a limited time. You have means of transportation progress in venue by all means, and do you not support top athlete together?
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Contact information
The all-Japan wrestling training camp Kumamoto executive committee secretariat (Kumamoto-shi sports promotion inside of a section) for women
Address: 1-1, Tetorihoncho, Kumamoto-shi
Telephone: 096-328-2724
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