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Revival T

Product number 335
KOLOR: Black navy
Size: S M L, XL
For each 2,200 yen

It is Kumamoto-jo Castle-limited original T-shirt.

Kumamon LED solar light key ring

Product number 357
500 yen (tax-included)

Size approximately 5 centimeters in height X 3.5 centimeters in width

Kumamon coin Perth

Product number 360
550 yen (tax-included)

Size approximately 9cm X approximately 9cm
With ball chain

Kumamon men socks

Product number 364
550 yen (tax-included)

Size 25cm - 27㎝
Product made in Japan

Kumamon neck towel

Product number 365
650 yen (tax-included)

Size: 22cm *110cm
Material :100% cotton

Kumamon face towel

Product number 366
650 yen (tax-included)

Size: 35cm *80㎝

Color: Pink, light blue

Pouch with string

Product number 361
920 yen (tax-included)

Size 9cm *11cm

Kumamon rucksack red dot

Product number 368
3,250 yen (tax-included)

A red (dot print)
B blue (horizontal stripes)

Size: 13 centimeters of 33 centimeters in height X 22 centimeters in width X gusset

Product made in polyester, PU

Kumamon drawstring bag (dot print, horizontal stripes)

Product number 367
810 yen (tax-included)

Size: 29 centimeters in height X 26 centimeters in width

Material bag 100% cotton
   String 100% polyester

Kumamoto-jo Castle ornament 

Product number 304
600 yen (tax-included)

Size H approximately 7.5 centimeters X W approximately 6 centimeters X D approximately 6.5 centimeters

187 g in weight

"Kumamoto Joe who piled up ritsu" can badge

Product number 309
600 yen (tax-included) with gills or mon version (the left) three

Product number 310 
600 yen (tax-included) with horse or mon version (the right) three

Kumamon growth growth socks

Product number 363
600 yen (tax-included)

10-24 for size㎝
Product made in Japan

We put down Kumamoto-jo Castle pitter-patter

Product number 305
Kumamoto-jo Castle pitter-patter memo 300 yen (tax-included)

③Kumamoto specialty satisfactory set

【③】 Kumamoto specialty satisfactory set
  3,000 yen (tax-included postage distinction)

≪Set contents≫

 Sprinkle natto; 40 g
 180 g of mustard takana greens
 Five meals of Taipien pork bones
 Two meals of black bower ramen
 Charcoal making basashi small 70 g
 Bear motobifukare one portion

②Cake set of Kumamoto

【②】 Cake set of Kumamoto
   3,000 yen (tax-included postage distinction)
≪Set contents≫

Brown sugar doughnut stick 16 Motoiri
120 g of sounds of boiling water in a teakettle
13 canned Kumamoto flower fruit candy from Kumamoto
Five bags of forest mustard lotus root Tips
15 g of mandarin orange tips

Forest mustard lotus root Tips

Product number 4
With five bags 870 yen (tax-included)


Product number 105
120 g of 260 yen (tax-included)

Bear motobifukare

Product number 100
One portion (160 g) 220 yen

Charcoal making horse sashimi person dies

Product number 104
540 yen (tax-included)

Canned flower of Kumamoto nodo amehigo

Product number 2
650 yen (tax-included)