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kumamotosaruku (kisaruku working under guide)

Guide application guidance

  ※Please apply by 17:00 two days ago.

  ※We are absent for from December 29 to January 3.
  ※When change includes cancellation in application contents, please contact castle Aya Land synthesis tourist information center (096-322-5060).

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Kumamoto-jo Castle where restoration activity is carried out now.
We introduce state of construction than fixed point live concert in *々zanai camera newly this time.


From Kumamoto-jo Castle construction of a castle to the Southwestern Rebellion, leave with guide in Hanaoka mountain which became stage of various histories; come.
As there are rapid slopes on the way, please participate with mobile appearance.


Kawajiri who became one of the stage of the Southwestern Rebellion.
There was one samurai who struggled to protect inhabitants from the war in those days.
We introduce hero, Kyu Ueda of such Kawashiri-cho.


Was there not Kumamoto-jo Castle in the present place from old days?
It is introduction of the unexpected history concerning castle of Kumamoto.


Kind of to 400,000 tons and wildlife is rich, too, and daily spring quantity of Lake Gotsu is loved as citizen's oasis.
Stone tablet of song which many poets including Soseki Natsume wrote is built in shore.


Castle town which Prince Kiyomasa (seishoko) made!
Monkey will come happily while feeling the history.


Visiting landmark architectures only in castle town.
Is over, and do, and chase romance on day; motome metesarukeba, machinaka Times lip feeling?


Baked white-bean-jam cake-type excursion garden which suizenjinarishuen spent time of 80, and was made.
We are blessed with springs from underflow water of Aso and please coming person seasonally.


As we know center street lined with old and new shops if we know, and there is taste!
There is fun of breath relievedly in sweets shop, too♪


Kumamoto has a lot of people concerned with the Meiji Restoration.
Is there monkey in place of connection while thinking in the times of turbulence?
There is the birth ground of Tomofusa Sassa near, too.


Soseki Natsume was moving buff?
Soseki who moved six times while Kumamoto had.
Around existing place, it is course tracing former house of Soseki.


Five high memorials where Soseki Natsume and Yakumo Koizumi took birch.
Five High School student played an active part in leaving the nest, various fields from here.
It is course where the history of the Hosokawas with advanced bumburyodo skills is felt!
We walk the longest distance in sarukuno.
※Because five high memorials are closed now, it becomes visit of only from the appearance.


To place slightly remoter than the castle tower of Kumamoto-jo Castle to always see.
It is guide of guide one push spot.


The interesting name, the name with surprising origin…
The surprising history is full in the place name of castle town!