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Event information

Lake Gotsu fireworks display 2017

The last update date [September 20, 2017]
[the date] Saturday, October 14, 2017
[holding place] Shimoezu neighborhood of the lake side (Lake Suizenji Gotsu Park Hiroki district)
 We pray for revival from Kumamoto earthquake this time in 2016 and hold on October 14 when it is one and a half years from earthquake.
 Approximately 10,000 fireworks are launched and color night sky and surface of a lake of jet black gorgeously.
 "Music fireworks" to launch to music are one of the highlight.
 Night stall is full of row, a large number of audiences, too.


[date] Saturday, October 14, 2017
     ※We postpone at the time of stormy weather on Sunday on 15th
      In the case of stormy weather, we cancel on 15th
[time] From 18:45 to 20:00
[place] Shimoezu neighborhood of the lake side (Lake Suizenji Gotsu Park Hiroki district)
[the number of the launching] 10,000
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Contact information
The Lake Gotsu fireworks display executive committee secretariat (Kumamoto-shi event promotion section)
Telephone: 096-328-2948 With new window
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