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Event information

With 2017 Kumamoto-jo Castle reproduction!

The last update date [November 10, 2017]
[the date] Saturday, November 18, 2017, 19th Sunday
[holding place] outworks of a castle open space in Kumamoto-jo Castle


[with 2017 Kumamoto-jo Castle reproduction!] News of event

◆Date and time Saturday, November 18 19th Sunday
     From 11:00 to 17:30 (rain out)
◆Outworks of a castle open space in place Kumamoto-jo Castle

[stricken area interchange]
18th Saturday Higashi-Matsushima-shi student earthquake disaster guide
       Aya Koyama, Takeyama shines

Music family from stricken area northeastern for 19 days on Sunday
       Person of arakawa

[appearance planned people]
18th Saturday Aki Yashiro
       Masahiro Chono
       Anna Tsuchiya
       Ishibashi (falconer)

19th Sunday BOOMDIGI
       Yumi Gad she
       Book Bear
       Dance site ☆Lee

On Saturday, we have contact corner with owl on 18th, too.

There are others, a lot of restaurants branch.
We come over to "Cafe&Bar MONKEY" from that gain castle stand village!
We are going to sell collaboration ramen only for 2nd with famous ramen shop 3 store.

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Contact information → bull33bull@gmail .com

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