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MICE calendar

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The date Meeting name Classification Scale The number of the participants Venue
From September 1 to September 2 The 53rd whole country higher vocational school physical education meet basketball competition Sports The whole country 330 Kumamoto Prefectural synthesis gymnasium
From September 6 to September 7 The 42nd international kiwanisu Japan district annual meeting Kumamoto meeting Others The whole country 480 ANA Crowne Plaza hotel Kumamoto news chi
From September 7 to September 9 - to make use of lesson of International Forum - Minamata disease, failure about the third environmental loss in the future Others International 400 Kumamoto Gakuen University Morio Takahashi memory hall, Minamata-shi public hall
September 9 Association of Kyushu meat association society commuter pass meeting (Kumamoto meeting) Economy, industry Kyushu 300 Kumamoto Hotel Castle
From September 15 to September 16 Kyushu physical education, sports society 67th meeting Education, the welfare Kyushu 300 Kumamoto Gakuen University
From September 15 to September 17 2018 West Japan boys and girls selection handball autumn training meet Sports West Japan 230 Wing matsubase, Kumamoto Tatematsu Bridge High School school, Kokufu High School, Chihara stand High School, Gonoe Elementary School
From September 21 to September 22 Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochem 2018 West Japan branch office meeting Engineering, science Kyushu 250 Sojo University
September 29 All 2018 (the 80th kaimatsuhiromehai) Kyushu high school championship new face swimming meet Sports Kyushu 1150 Kumamoto-shi synthesis indoor pool (aqua dome Kumamoto)
From September 29 to September 30 The country cup struggle of Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology cup struggle 47th whole country person with a physical disability archery championship phoenix Kumamoto meeting 41st fire and the 43rd Kyushu person with a physical disability archery championship Sports The whole country 300 Chrysanthemum positive Suginami tree park special archery ground