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MICE calendar

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The date Meeting name Classification Scale The number of the participants Venue
From December 1 to December 2 Childcare social work society fifth study meeting in Japan Education, the welfare The whole country 300 Kumamoto Gakuen University
From December 1 to December 2 The twelfth Kumamoto University life ethics roundtable Social science International 70 Kumamoto University kusuno tree hall
From December 3 to December 6 LPSO 2018 & RJISAM-IV Engineering, science International 150 Kumamoto University, hoterumeruparuku Kumamoto
From December 6 to December 7 The 54th hypertensive allied disease model society arts and sciences general meeting Medicine, pharmacy The whole country 150 KKR hotel Kumamoto
From December 7 to December 9 The 48th Kyushu High School new face software tennis tournament and the 44th all-Japan high school selection software tennis tournament Kyushu District qualifier society Sports Kyushu 1000 Citizens of Kumamoto general exercise park, park Dome
December 8 Blood transfusion, cell treatment society Kyushu supporting sectional meeting 65th general meeting, the 86th regular meeting in Japan Medicine, pharmacy Kyushu 230 Kumamoto forest downtown area plaza
From December 8 to December 10 The fourth whole country stricken area professional reciter symposium in Kumamoto Education, the welfare The whole country 300 Civic center Sears home dream hall, Kumamoto-jo Castle, Mifune-machi, Mashiki-machi, Minamiaso-mura
From December 14 to December 16 The thirteenth all-Japan redisubadominnton tournament (personal war) Sports The whole country 2000 Kumamoto-shi synthesis gymnasium, Kumamoto Prefectural synthesis gymnasium
From December 14 to December 15 Sojo University Teaching and Learning Forum Education, the welfare International 85 Sojo University
From December 22 to December 24 JAAF U16 teens training camp Kyushu block camp Sports Kyushu 240 Smile health stadium