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Information for education trip

Town where nature coexists with the history, culture

 Kumamoto-shi that is described with various names including capital "of" Forest City "" water and country "of" fire of Kyushu is approximately located in the center. We cannot tell all about the richness and the history of nature, charm of Kumamoto-shi including culture. Furthermore, many writers visited Kumamoto and brought about various literary works. He calls Kumamoto-shi "Forest City", and Soseki Natsume who loved this ground is the one. "Is masterpiece given based on experience in Kumamoto in the life for" sleeping in the open air "and" 210 days.

 ... which meets the history and culture and people in rich, beautiful nature.

 Impressive experience depends on this splendid stage.

 Welcome so that Kumamoto can do splendid encounter; ...

Model course

Model course


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Kikunan Onsen Yu Bell Hotel


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